Wednesday, February 17, 2010

morose vs. rosy: who will win?

I am a girl plagued with perennial perplexity (and addicted to awful alliteration). Someone (it was either Einstein or Bill Pullman) once said that people only write when they are depressed. This observation can be confirmed by taking a glance at my other blog ( or by thumbing through one of my many dear diaries. Yes, sadness brings out the emo writer in us all. Ever wonder why so many poets carry around little black notebooks? It's because the color of their Moleskine mirrors the color of their pained soul. Well, I've had enough of it.

Our generation tends to lean towards the apathetic or despondent side. Things are apparently bad and the world is evil. And maybe all of that is true. But why not attempt to counter this in-the-pits attitude with a more... on-top-of-the-mountain attitude? Things aren't so glum, baby. Or at least they don't have to be. There's definitely a place for the somber, but there's also a place for the sunny. Sunny doesn't mean sappy. Sunny means seeing the holy in each day, in each hour, in each moment.

Okay, so I'm getting a little sappy.

Let's make this long-winded exposition decidedly shorter: I want to write about happy things. And this is where I shall do it.

Consider this blog my yellow colored Moleskine.


  1. i like happy wiemsie. i like happywiemsiebloggybaby.

  2. i like julky-pedersen in general.